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Hidden Cabinet Lock Keyless Drawer Lock-CL 102


Strict quality control

Quality is the first principle we abide by. The raw materials and equipment of the products are strictly selected and contrasted. The quality of each lock is adhered to, and the quality of the quality control department is strictly controlled

B-Line Technology Smart Door Lock Series.


Smart Card Unlock

Single card unlock

Double card Unlock

Cabinet Drawer Lock Specification

Material: Zinc Alloy
Lock body material: Plastic
Power supply: 4pcs AA alkaline batteries.
Battery life span:  more than 15 months.
Operating temperature: -30ºC~80ºC
Antistatic behavior: >15,000V, information can be saved though in strong static
Static Power Consumption: <5μA
Dynamic Power Consumption: about 200mA
Low voltage alarm: 4.8V
Relative humidity: <95%

1. No need wiring/ stand-alone  /easy to set up
2. with colorful waterproof, hot-proof,wristbands that can be put on wrist, make movement easily.
3. With external power interface (Audio interface) for emergency.
4. Auto-rebounce function without handle, easy operate.
5. Applicable to agent , school, spa/sauna bath center, swimming pool, gym, golf, supermarket, hotel,
company, factory, business, household, etc.

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